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How Does Freight Forwarding Work?

November 29th, 2023
How Does Freight Forwarding Work? All Your Questions Answered In the complex world of international trade and logistics, freight forwarding emerges as a crucial link in the supply chain. Freight forwarding can involve multiple carriers, various modes of transport, and crossing both state and international borders. This intricate process requires expertise and coordination, making freight forwarding an essential component for businesses engaged in globa[...]
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What is Freight Forwarding?

August 30th, 2023
Unravelling the Logistics Puzzle: What is Freight Forwarding? In the world of commerce and trade, logistics plays a critical role in keeping the world economy running smoothly. And a vital player in this industry is the freight forwarder. We explore what freight forwarding is, how it works and how you may benefit from engaging a freight forwarder. What is Freight Forwarding? Freight forwarding is a service used by any business or individual who wants[...]
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The Surprise Benefits of Using Road and Railroad Transport Services

March 4th, 2022
If you have ever sent or received a package in the mail, you may already know that factors like pandemics, rocky seas and custom delays can heavily affect the delivery of specific goods. And even if we can blame Mother Nature in some instances—no one wants to receive cargo that is damaged or arrives long after its estimated delivery date. That is why it is essential to determine what type of transport service will best suit the needs of you, your busines[...]
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Parcels on conveyor roller in perth Mclintock facility

The rundown – import requirements, documentation and Australian customs rules

December 15th, 2021
Whether you are an individual or a business, deciphering your Australian customs obligations when it comes to importing goods can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, that’s why your licensed customs broker pals at McLintock International are here!  Read on for our rundown of import requirements, documentation and Australian customs regulations for anybody importing goods into Australia from overseas. And, we’re happy to chat if you have any queries[...]
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Mclintock Air Freight plane from beneath

Everything you need to know about freight forwarding services

December 15th, 2021
If you’re buying or selling goods that have to go from A to B, you need to know about freight forwarding. There’s a world of jargon when it comes to importing and exporting goods - sea freight, air freight, international freight, cargo shippers, customs brokerage, duties and handling fees - just to name a few!  As your global freight forwarding and customs brokerage professionals, we’re here to dispel any confusion and get your freight forwarding[...]
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The Top 7 Technology Trends Dominating 2016

September 22nd, 2016
Struggling to keep up with the world of technology? These 7 trends will get you back up to speed >>>   Source:
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Red Container hanging from Crane used for international shipping

Full Container Loads (FCL) – why should you consider this?

September 12th, 2016
FCL's cost less per unit of freight, get delivered more quickly and generally decrease the risk of freight damage. McLintock can handle all types of freight, from FCL's to LOLO (lift-on-lift-off) goods. Contact us to find out more.
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